Sponge Candy by Abdallah

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A light honeycomb crunch with milk chocolate. This gourmet treat has a unique flavor many people love, and we’ll make sure you love it too. Sponge candy/sea foam candy goes by a lot of names depending on where you’re from, but one thing remains constant: it’s delicious. Our recipe has been perfected over multiple generations, using only the finest equipment and ingredients.

Here in Minnesota, sea foam candy tends to be more of a delicacy. It isn’t as common as it is in other parts of the world, and we are up to the task of popularizing it in the region during this holiday season! Friends and family alike will love receiving this confection as a stocking stuffer, and bringing it to a holiday party will be an instant hit. These bite sized candies come in beautiful seasonal packaging, and are perfect for snacking on yourself or sharing with others.